How Justin Trudeau Won a Majority Government With Social Media

Justin Trudeau defied the polls when he and his Liberal Party soared to a majority government during the final moments of the 42nd Canadian Election. Although much of Trudeau’s success can be attributed to mistakes made by his rivals, there is no denying that his campaign’s prowess on social media contributed to his last-minute momentum. […]

What Is The Most Important Metric in Digital Marketing & PR

Measurement and analysis should be an integral part of your organization’s digital marketing and public relations strategy. Information learned from this process can be crucial in helping you determine next steps and grow your organization’s outreach. Yet, with so much data available to measure, it can be easy to get misdirected or lost. So what is the key measurement […]

Non-profit’s Communications Highlight Benefits of Simulation in Healthcare Education

Providing an accurate and succinct message to a target audience is an essential and often difficult task for a non-profit organization. This is especially true if the organization’s messaging and subject matter is technical and/or not known by the public at large. SIM-one – Ontario Simulation Network is an excellent example of a non-profit organization […]

6 Ways to Handle a Public Relations Disaster

Want to know how to handle a public relations disaster that could damage you and your organization’s reputation? Check out these 6 very different approaches below of how public figures have addressed mistakes and accusations. 1. Transform Your Image: Michael Vick NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s reputation quickly went down the toilet after he was arrested […]

Why The Taxi Industry Is Losing The PR Battle to Uber

Since its arrival, ridesharing service Uber has been engaged in a bitter turf war and public relations battle with a myriad of taxi companies, associations and drivers. Uber presents itself as a disruptive new service that is transforming the way “the world moves” through the use of engaging technology, while the taxi industry protects their […]

How to Cover an Event Like a Pro

Have you ever been asked to cover an event, but were unsure how to get started? Covering and writing about an event for your organization is a multi-step process that involves a different approach than other forms of communications writing. The key to great event writing is to have experiential content without being too chronological. […]

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media Crisis Communications

  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a scary place during a crisis. One poorly written comment or response can be devastating, turning public opinion against the perceived offender. However, social media can also be a valuable crisis communications tool and can be utilized to get out your side of the story. […]

Is Your Email Marketing CASL-compliant? Avoid Paying Millions in Penalties

On March 5th, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued a $1.1-million penalty to a Canadian company for violating Canada’s anti-spam law (CASL). The reason for the penalty: the company had been sending commercial emails without receiving consent as well as emails in which the unsubscribe mechanisms did not function properly. This represents the […]