child on a swing looking at starry night

Why You Should Always Aim for the Stars

A few weeks ago, I asked my 5-year-old son what he wanted to be when he grew up. “I want to be an astronaut,” he replied. “I want to visit the moon, planets and stars in my spaceship.” Like many children, my son lives in an exciting world full of potential. He isn’t afraid to […]

Orange Is the New Black logo

“Orange Is the New Black” and the Disruptive Force of Digital Communications

Image source Digital communications has had a profound effect on society. The combined trio of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies has been a democratizing force. These technologies give a megaphone to the masses and provide a formidable counterweight to the media and corporate public relations. The disruptive force of digital communications played an […]

5 Ideas You Should Consider Before Launching Your Website

Launching a new website can be a Herculean task that requires a lot of time, commitment and some cash. You need to purchase a domain name and hosting service. You also need to create a brand and plan your website’s design/layout. And this is before you get to creating your content and value proposition. What’s […]

7 Marketing Rules That Will Help You Win “The Bachelor”

Believe it or not, dating has a lot in common with marketing. Though different on the surface, both operate in a competitive environment and seek to attract a target audience using a variety of tactics or “rules”. We see this marketing-dating connection firsthand in The Bachelor, a reality TV show where the contestants are all […]

How Black Lives Matter’s Disruptive Tactics Are Forcing Us to Have a Conversation About Race

When the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter staged a 30-minute sit-in during Toronto’s Pride Parade, many people were upset to say the least. The group’s co-founder was subjected to racist emails immediately following the demonstration.┬áTo someone unfamiliar with civil disobedience, the aftermath of the sit-in would have resembled a public relations failure. You may […]

How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

For many organizations, an email is the first step of an online marketing and sales process that looks like this: Customer receives email > Customer opens email > Customer clicks on email link taking them to website > Customer reads/views website content > Customer purchases, donates, downloads, etc. > But how do you get your […]