7 Marketing Rules That Will Help You Win “The Bachelor”

red rose

Believe it or not, dating has a lot in common with marketing. Though different on the surface, both operate in a competitive environment and seek to attract a target audience using a variety of tactics or “rules”.

We see this marketing-dating connection firsthand in The Bachelor, a reality TV show where the contestants are all striving for the affection of a lone suitor. As what often happens, the most successful bachelorettes are also the best marketers.

Check out the 7 winning marketing rules used in The Bachelor below!

1. Know your target audience


The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to convey a message or sell a product. In The Bachelor season opener, many of the bachelorettes who won roses admitted to knowing a lot about Nick (above pic) by extensively “researching” his performance in previous seasons.

2. Separate yourself from the competition

Red dresses

Failing to separate yourself from the competition could get you lost in a sea of competitors. We saw this in The Bachelor‘s opening episode, in which nearly half the women had a hard time standing out because they wore similar red-coloured dresses.

3. Adopt a gimmick

Alexis in dolphin costume

Using a gimmick can really help you stand out from the competition. During the opener, Alexis (above pic) took a risk when she dressed up as a dolphin, which helped her win a rose.

4. Don’t demean your audience


Never, under any circumstance, should you demean your audience. Bachelorette Taylor (above pic) inadvertently insulted Nick during their first encounter, and almost lost because of it.

5. Entice with special offers

Corinne kissing Nick

Sneak previews, discounts, tokens and free content are proven marketing tactics for attracting potential customers. In The Bachelor season opener, bachelorette Corrinne (above pic) used this tactic when she offered Nick a bag of hug and kiss tokens.

6. Connect with storytelling

Bachelor Ben

Marketers often use storytelling to connect with potential customers. In The Bachelor, contestants will also use storytelling to develop an emotional connection. As in marketing, good looks and gimmicks will only get you so far.

7. Presentation skills!


Having the right presentation skills can mean the difference between making the sale and not making the sale. In The Bachelor season opener, bachelorette Rachel (above pic) easily won the first impression rose, due largely to her strong, confident presentation.

As seen in the rules above, The Bachelor is a perfect case study of how marketing can be used to improve one’s chances in the world of love and dating!

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John Gilson