5 Ideas You Should Consider Before Launching Your Website

Launching a new website can be a Herculean task that requires a lot of time, commitment and some cash. You need to purchase a domain name and hosting service. You also need to create a brand and plan your website’s design/layout. And this is before you get to creating your content and value proposition.

What’s most problematic, however, is that many people are not yet sure if they’re even committed to running a website or online business. Sure, the idea sounds great but actually launching a website is a whole different matter. As a result, many people will procrastinate, psychologically preventing themselves from achieving their website dream.

Luckily, there are many ways you can test the waters before launching a new website. The following ideas are not only free, they will also help you overcome your procrastination and gauge the market to see if there’s an appetite for what you have to offer.

1. Create a Facebook page

If you are starting a small business, then you may want to consider creating a Facebook page before launching your website. Facebook is easily the largest social media platform and can give you access to hundreds of millions of people. Plus, it comes with a lot of cool features like affordable advertising.

If you don’t like Facebook, you may want to consider Tumblr or Medium.

2. Open an Instagram account

The Instagram option works very well for photographers, food bloggers and the like. You can move towards creating your own website as soon as you start attracting a lot of likes and followers on Instagram.

3. Contribute to LinkedIn Pulse

If you’re a business professional look to enhance your image, you may not even need to launch a website. Writing regularly for LinkedIn’s Pulse feed can help you get noticed and reach your target audience.

4. Create some video clips for YouTube

YouTube functions as a large search engine. So if you have the tools and know what you’re doing, create some video clips and grow your YouTube following.

5. Use Twitter as a marketing feed

Promote your posts from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or YouTube on Twitter. Twitter is essentially a giant RSS feed that will help you get your message out.

In conclusion…

If your content does well on one of these social networks, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t do well on the open web.


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John Gilson