What’s a Blogger? The Answer May Surprise You

So what and who is a blogger? A blogger is a digital content creator and curator. Bloggers can use text, images and videos to get their message across – oftentimes a combination of all of the above. Bloggers have many platforms at their disposal, including WordPress and other “traditional” blogging platforms as well as social […]

4 Simple Tactics to Get More People to Visit Your Blog

Do you want more people to check out your blog, but are frustrated with low traffic? Generating traffic to your blog is both an art and a science. Yes, you need great content that consists of well-written text and enticing visuals. But you also need a strategy behind your content creation. Check out these 10 awesome […]

Why I Write So Many Damn Listicles

If you follow my blog, you know that I love writing articles with numbered lists – the so-called listicle. Listicles are fun and somewhat easy to write. People also love reading them! That being said, the listicle seems to have a bad rap. Many see them as low brow, geared more towards entertainment. But there […]

How to Find Time to Write When You’re a Working Parent

Though rewarding, writing can be a difficult activity. Writers need to be patient and often face criticism for their work. Writing also requires LOTS OF TIME… a luxury many working parents don’t have. I’m a working parent who also happens to be a writer. I know what it’s like to try to balance everyday responsibilities […]

7 Tips to Help You Write the Perfect Blog Post

Blogging can be an effective component of any content marketing strategy. A well crafted blog will help your organization connect with its audience and, in the longer run, improve your organization’s search engine visibility. But how does one write the perfect blog post? Obviously, a successful blog post should be well written and contain relevant content. But […]