5 Winning Qualities Top Bloggers Share With Workplace Conversationalists

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You know who I’m talking about. It’s that awesome communicator at work, who is generally well liked and excels in social situations, whether it be over the water cooler, at the lunch table or during a coffee/smoke break. Every workplace has one.

What you may not know is that workplace conversationalists share a lot in common with the world’s top bloggers. They both know how to engage, help and inform the people around them. 

Check out the 5 winning qualities shared by top bloggers and workplace conversationalists below!

1. They’re present

Workplace conversationalists can always be counted on to liven up the conversation during coffee breaks and at the company lunch table. You can feel the void – and awkward silence – whenever they’re absent.

Successful bloggers are similarly always present. When they’re not publishing articles, top bloggers are active on social media or networking in the real world.

2. They possess high emotional intelligence

The communicator at work has this uncanny ability to put other people at ease. When conversing, they’re good speakers as well as listeners, and seem genuinely interested in the other person’s life.

Top bloggers also possess high emotional intelligence – at least on the screen. The good ones are likeable and informal, and know how to communicate in an easy-to-understand way.

3. They’re natural storytellers

The workplace conversationalist shares personal stories to relate to, and connect with, their colleagues. The stories can be minor, about everyday events, or they can be about transformational experiences.

Bloggers, too, benefit by injecting personal – as well as universal – experiences into their posts. Such stories may be inspirational or cathartic for the reader. The main power of storytelling, however, is its ability to present the blogger as human.

4. They offer useful advice

People are always seeking information to improve their personal and professional lives. Great workplace conversationalists are more than happy to share advice when asked, making them an invaluable resource to co-workers.

Top bloggers are also known for offering solid advice to their readers and viewers. Such advice can range from recipe instructions for food bloggers to how-to demonstrations for DIY bloggers.

5. They share breaking news

Great conversationalists intrinsically understand that humans are curiosity-driven beings. This is why they are always the first to share the latest news or gossip at work.

What makes top bloggers stand out is their awareness of breaking news and rumours within their genre. These bloggers often weave such information into their blog posts to great effect.

What this means for you

As a blogger, you can learn a lot from the workplace conversationalist.

Start paying attention to that conversationalist during lunch break. Not only will it help you become a better blogger, the experience will also improve your communication skills.

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