What’s a Blogger? The Answer May Surprise You

What's a Blogger?

So what and who is a blogger?

A blogger is a digital content creator and curator.

Bloggers can use text, images and videos to get their message across – oftentimes a combination of all of the above.

Bloggers have many platforms at their disposal, including WordPress and other “traditional” blogging platforms as well as social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

Some bloggers excel at delivering 100-character quotes and memes, while others offer more complex how-to tutorials and commentary.

Some bloggers blog for fun, while others blog with the intent of selling products. (The latter is called content marketing.)

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Bloggers and blogs can be counted in the hundreds of millions!

Chances are you’re a blogger. (You have a personal Facebook page, right?)

So who’s a blogger? Mostly everyone. Including you.

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