Follow These 9 Steps to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals, with approximately 400 million users. Having an attractive LinkedIn profile is essential if you want to market yourself in the modern professional environment.

But how do you get more people to view your LinkedIn profile page? To get more views on LinkedIn, you need to build connections, maintain an attractive profile, post thought-leadership content and engage your LinkedIn community.

Follow these 9 steps below to get more people to view your LinkedIn profile page:

1. Include a Great Profile Photo and Description

Your LinkedIn photo and professional description are the first thing people see before visiting your profile page. LinkedIn users who include a professional photo on their profile are 14 times more likely to be discovered.

2. Keep Your LinkedIn Page Updated

Update your profile whenever you complete a course, publish an article or get a promotion, etc. Users who list their skills on LinkedIn can expect to receive an average of 13 times more profile views than those who don’t.

3. Build an Audience Through Networking

Whenever you meet someone at a work conference, job fair or seminar, be sure to later add them as connection on LinkedIn. These connections are great contacts to have and will help you achieve more profile views.

4. Share Relevant and Interesting Information

According to Constant Contact, to be effective on LinkedIn you should share information approximately 2-5 times a week. Sharing relevant information will keep you in your connections’ feeds, which will encourage them to check out your profile page.

5. Share Your Knowledge on Pulse

The average Pulse contributor has 1,049 connections, which is much higher than the majority of LinkedIn users who have 0-500 connections. As a Pulse contributor, your article will appear on your connections’ feeds and – if deemed worthy and relevant by LinkedIn’s editorial team – will appear on a Pulse specialized stream, leading to more profile views from outside your network.

6. Post Your Presentations on SlideShare

Do you have a PowerPoint presentation you’d like to share? Upload your presentation onto LinkedIn’s SlideShare to share it with your connections and others who may be interested. Like Pulse, SlideShare can attract visitors to your LinkedIn profile page.

7. Contribute to a Discussion Group

Discussion groups are great for meeting new people and building a name for yourself. When selecting a discussion group, choose groups relevant to your line of work that have plenty of two-way conversation.

8. Endorse Your LinkedIn Connections

If you want to get something on LinkedIn, you need to give something in return. Gain the respect of your colleagues – and encourage future profile visits – by offering thoughtful testimonials and genuine endorsements.

9. Respond to Your Connections’  Shares and Updates

LinkedIn is more than just a resume repository; it’s a social network. Show your connections you care by posting insightful comments on their shares and achievements. In addition to gaining more recognition, you will likely be rewarded with more profile views.


Did you find this information helpful? Are you witnessing more LinkedIn profile views? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!


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