7 Marketing Rules That Will Help You Win “The Bachelor”

Believe it or not, dating has a lot in common with marketing. Though different on the surface, both operate in a competitive environment and seek to attract a target audience using a variety of tactics or “rules”. We see this marketing-dating connection firsthand in The Bachelor, a reality TV show where the contestants are all striving for the affection of a lone suitor. As what often happens, the most successful bachelorettes are also the best marketers. Check out the 7 winning marketing rules used in The Bachelor below! 1. Know your target audience The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to convey a message or sell a product.┬áIn The Bachelor season opener, many of the bachelorettes who won roses admitted to knowing a lot about Nick (above pic) by extensively “researching” his performance in previous seasons. 2. Separate yourself from the competition Failing to separate yourself […]

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