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How to Prioritize Your Work Day When Dealing with Competing Projects and Deadlines

For those of us who work in an office environment, prioritizing our daily projects can be difficult task. Last-minute requests seem to fly at us from all corners. Deadlines are always on the horizon. And that’s not even including our day-to-day routines! So how does one prioritize in the middle of the office storm? Consider trying the 6-point checklist below. 1. Glance at your to-do list This is the first thing you should do when you arrive to the office. Look for any scheduled meetings or impending deadlines. Doing so will help you psychologically prepare for the day ahead. Nothing helps declutter the mind more than a daily to-do list. If you haven’t used a to-do list before, then now is the time to start. You should try to keep your list as simple as possible, highlighting meetings, deadlines and projects. 2. Check your messages After you look at your […]

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