How Justin Trudeau Won a Majority Government With Social Media

Justin Trudeau defied the polls when he and his Liberal Party soared to a majority government during the final moments of the 42nd Canadian Election. Although much of Trudeau’s success can be attributed to mistakes made by his rivals, there is no denying that his campaign’s prowess on social media contributed to his last-minute momentum. Trudeau has a formidable presence on social media, which is especially true when compared to his two main rivals Conservative Leader (and Prime Minister) Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. As of October 25, 2015, Trudeau had more than double the number of Facebook followers than Harper at 518,455. Pretty good considering that Harper has been Canada’s prime minister for almost 10 years. So what did the Trudeau campaign do on social media to mobilize potential supporters to vote for him on Election Day? To find an answer, I looked at the campaign’s Election Day […]

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