7 Marketing Rules That Will Help You Win “The Bachelor”

Believe it or not, dating has a lot in common with marketing. Though different on the surface, both operate in a competitive environment and seek to attract a target audience using a variety of tactics or “rules”. We see this marketing-dating connection firsthand in The Bachelor, a reality TV show where the contestants are all […]

How to Cover an Event on Social Media from Start to Finish

Expand your event’s reach by reporting it live on social media! Long gone are the days when your event’s reach was limited to the number of butts you could get into the seats. With social media, you can now reach a potentially larger virtual audience, increasing engagement with your community along the way. But social […]

What’s “SEM”? 23 Digital Marketing Terms Explained

Have you ever had a discussion with a digital marketing expert and had no idea what they were talking about? Every profession has its jargon, including digital marketing and public relations. When not explained properly, jargon can be exclusive. It’s the opposite of easy-to-follow communication, which is what we should all strive towards. However, many digital […]

What Is The Most Important Metric in Digital Marketing & PR

Measurement and analysis should be an integral part of your organization’s digital marketing and public relations strategy. Information learned from this process can be crucial in helping you determine next steps and grow your organization’s outreach. Yet, with so much data available to measure, it can be easy to get misdirected or lost. So what is the key measurement […]