6 Awareness-Expanding Exercises to Become a Better Communicator

What separates an amazing communicator from everyone else? What makes an entertainer funny, a writer intriguing and a politician inspiring? On the surface, entertainers, writers and politicians may not look like they have a lot in common, however, they do share one common attribute: heightened awareness of their target audience. To connect with your audience, […]

Why Politically Correct Communications Is Good for Business

For many, “political correctness” is a pejorative term and comparable to some form of Orwellian thought suppression. Some may find it annoying: We have all experienced a moment when we had to double check an email to ask ourselves, “Will this offend someone?” But is politically correct communications such a bad thing? From now on, […]

How to Cover an Event on Social Media from Start to Finish

Expand your event’s reach by reporting it live on social media! Long gone are the days when your event’s reach was limited to the number of butts you could get into the seats. With social media, you can now reach a potentially larger virtual audience, increasing engagement with your community along the way. But social […]

8 Social Media Content Types You Haven’t Thought of Yet

To be a great advocate on social media is to be a great communicator. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise that content and engagement is the secret sauce of social media advocacy. Ideally, your social content should be multi-dimensional, serving multiple purposes – from fundraising to public awareness – and hitting all […]

6 Ways to Handle a Public Relations Disaster

Want to know how to handle a public relations disaster that could damage you and your organization’s reputation? Check out these 6 very different approaches below of how public figures have addressed mistakes and accusations. 1. Transform Your Image: Michael Vick NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s reputation quickly went down the toilet after he was arrested […]

Why The Taxi Industry Is Losing The PR Battle to Uber

Since its arrival, ridesharing service Uber has been engaged in a bitter turf war and public relations battle with a myriad of taxi companies, associations and drivers. Uber presents itself as a disruptive new service that is transforming the way “the world moves” through the use of engaging technology, while the taxi industry protects their […]

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media Crisis Communications

  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be a scary place during a crisis. One poorly written comment or response can be devastating, turning public opinion against the perceived offender. However, social media can also be a valuable crisis communications tool and can be utilized to get out your side of the story. […]