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“Orange Is the New Black” and the Disruptive Force of Digital Communications

Image source Digital communications has had a profound effect on society. The combined trio of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies has been a democratizing force. These technologies give a megaphone to the masses and provide a formidable counterweight to the media and corporate public relations. The disruptive force of digital communications played an important role in Orange Is the New Black. In season 5 of the popular Netflix series, the female inmates riot and takeover Litchfield Penitentiary, which leads to a drawn out hostage crisis. Though the prison’s dehumanizing conditions were a precursor to the crisis, what’s noticeable to me is how the women successfully used digital communications to change the narrative. Below are a few examples of how digital communications shaped the plot of season 5 of Orange Is the New Black. Justice for Poussey Following the women’s takeover of Litchfield, the prison’s corporate owners (MCC) tried to downplay the […]

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