10 Things You Should Definitely Be Posting on Twitter


Ready to take your Twitter game to the next level! Below are 10 ideas to improve your Twitter content and take your social media strategy to the next level.

1. Links to press releases and announcements

If you want to share something with the media, you should post it on Twitter. Twitter is the social network of choice for journalists. Nearly 25% of Twitter’s verified accounts are journalists and media, according to Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps. For good measure, mention your favourite reporter on a tweet to get their attention.

2. Images

Images do very well on Twitter, with the average image-enhanced tweet getting 35% more retweets than a text-only tweet, according to Twitter.

3. Public responses

Twitter provides you with a good snapshot of your audience’s general mood towards you and your organization. You should consider addressing widespread concerns or falsehoods with carefully written tweets. If you want to issue a long response, include it in an image or provide a link back to your website.


Bite-size quotes are ideal for Twitter’s microblogging platform and can deliver a 19% boost in retweets, according to Twitter. In addition, you don’t really have to dig deep in creating new content, as quotes from your organization’s leaders can easily be pulled from press releases and news updates.

5. Statistics

Stats that either reflect your organization’s success or support your cause are fantastic for Twitter, delivering a 17% boost in retweets according to Twitter. Like quotes, much of your statistical content should already exist – perhaps pulled from an Annual Report – and can easily be produced in 140 characters or less.

6. Retweets and replies

Retweeting is a real timesaver that has the added bonus of engaging your community. Be sure to check out the tweeter to make sure their profile/ activity doesn’t bring you and your organization into disrepute.

7. Important real-time updates

Twitter allows you to connect with your audience quickly in real time. Whenever something important happens – like an unexpected computer shutdown – be sure to alert your followers and the public immediately on Twitter.

8. Event coverage

You’re hosting a big event, but not everyone can attend. No problem! Use Twitter to provide event updates to your followers in real time.

9. Twitter chats

You can set up your own Twitter chat by having your followers ask questions and partake in an online discussion. The use of Twitter chats is effective for increasing engagement, but be sure to carefully plan these in advance so you’ll know how to deal with negative comments and trolls.

10. Thank-you messages

Twitter is a social network, first and foremost, so you may want to tweet “Thank you for following” and “Thanks for the retweet” messages. Such messages are great for engagement and are also easy to set up if you use a service like commun.it.

What types of content do you like to use for Twitter? Leave a comment below!


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